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  Wayne would serve the Seminole County citizens if elected County Court Judge by upholding the integrity and independence of the Judiciary and performing the duties of the Judicial office impartially and diligently.

  Your vote is really important to Wayne Culver and he would appreciate  your support.  Running a successful campaign takes money, and if you can, he would appreciate your support with a donation.   Every dollar is a value to his campaign and he is grateful to you for what you can offer.  The campaign donations are limited by law and it is $1,000 for an individual's donation and $1,000 for a business campaign donation as well.


 Thank you for your donation that can be made here: 

Or, if you prefer, you can mail a check to:

"Culver For Judge"

256 Coble Dr,

Longwood, FL 32779

Questions?  You can call the campaign at 407.394.8244 or  email the campaign at