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Candidate Comparison

I understand it can be hard to vote for judicial candidates in a non-partisan race. So I wanted to take a moment to share the reasons why I feel I am the best candidate for Seminole County Court Judge and what sets me apart from my opponent. 

1. I have been a lawyer for 19 years and have practiced many areas of law, which include the following:

  • Criminal: Felony, Misdemeanor, Juvenile, Domestic Violence, DUI and Traffic Violations
  • Civil: Small Claims, Contract Litigation, Baker Acts
  • Family: Divorce, Child Support, and Dependency
  • Real Estate: Residential Closings, Landlord-Tenant Disputes, and Evictions 
  • Estate Planning: Wills and Trusts, Living Wills, and Powers of Attorney 
  • Bankruptcy: Chapter 7 Bankruptcy 
  • Appellate and Post-Conviction Matters

2. I have experience as an Assistant State Attorney, I have owned and ran my own defense practice, and am currently an Assistant Public Defender for the past 11 years. I represent clients that are indigent and cannot afford representation. I believe no matter your financial means, you are entitled to good legal representation.

3. I have had over 100 jury trials and hundreds of motion and other types of hearings. Before the pandemic, I have spent almost every day of my career in a courtroom. As an assistant public defender for 11 years, if my client has a defense or wants a trial, I take it to trial and fight for my client. I don't have to consider whether they can pay me for my service. I had a case once where my client was charged with a punishable by life felony, attempted murder, and we won at trial and an innocent man was able to go home to his family. A County Court Judge will have many jury trials before them and they need to be knowledgeable about the rules and procedures. A County Court Judge’s role is like a referee. They need to make sure both sides, prosecution and defense, play by the rules. I have the trial experience to make sure the rules are followed.

4. I was the supervisor in the misdemeanor division at the Public Defenders Office. I trained the new lawyers fresh out of law school. County Court Judges will be exposed to many new lawyers since most will start off in the State Attorney’s or Public Defender’s office. It is important to have a Judge who is very knowledgable of the law and knows how to be patient and understanding. As of father of two young children, 6 and 4, I have a lot of patience. 

5. As the result of this current pandemic, the Court system has been closed. Once reopened, there will be a very heavy case load and docket to clear. I have had experience with very large dockets and case loads. As an Assistant State Attorney in Brevard County for 3.5 years, I managed a docket of over 700 cases. I have the experience of reducing dockets and resolving cases quickly.

6. I have lived in Seminole County since 1977. I attended elementary, middle and high school in Seminole County as well as my wife. We currently live in Longwood with our children. Seminole County is my home and I care about the residents here. My opponent’s law office is in Daytona Beach and she owns a home in Volusia County. She is currently renting an apartment in Seminole County in order to qualify for this seat. I think it is important to vote for a candidate who has ties to the community and a vested interest.