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Mission Statement of Wayne Culver, Candidate For Judge, Group 6

  I am running for Judge because I believe my experience as both a former Assistant State Attorney and Assistant Public Defender will benefit the legal community and the citizens of Seminole County. I understand the perspective of each litigant who appears before the Court and believe that every person deserves to be treated in a courteous and respectful manner. I have compassion and have learned the importance of listening and empathizing with all parties. I realize that people are in court because they are going through a difficult time and they are relying on their judge to restore order and resolve the problem by impartially applying the law to the facts and making a decision on the case.

Endorsements For Wayne Culver 

"I enthusiastically endorse and support Wayne Culver for Seminole County Judge. Wayne has the integrity, experience, and temperament necessary to be an outstanding member of the judiciary. He has been tested time and again in our local courts and has emerged as a well respected trial lawyer who is a credit to his profession. I say this as one who has had the opportunity to observe him over the years and who has presided over cases in which he represented a party."   

O. H. Eaton, Jr., Esq.
Retired Seminole County Judge

“Wayne Culver is like money in the bank. He’s a true professional with the key features of a man with a heart. He knows the courtroom like the back of his hand and has a depth of legal knowledge that is unquestioned. Wayne is respected by all who know him and is especially admired for his character.”

Carmine  Bravo, Esq.
Retired Seminole County Judge 

"I endorse Wayne Culver For Seminole County Judge Group 6.  I've known Wayne for over a decade and believe he has the integrity and legal experience to be a great judge."

 James Vickaryous, Esq. 
18th Circuit's Representative on the Florida Bar's Board of Governors 

"I have known Wayne for 20 years.  I believe he has the experience as a former prosecutor, former civil litigation attorney and current criminal defense attorney to bring fairness and impartiality to the bench.  He has spent nearly every day for over ten years in a courtroom, so he knows how to run a docket efficiently, while being respectful to all parties who come before the Court.  As an attorney who has practiced in Seminole County for 25 years, I endorse Wayne Culver for County Court Judge." 

Mira Berry, Esq.

"Wayne's reputation for integrity, intellect, and tirelessly helping the citizens of Seminole County extend well beyond the county's borders. I am proud to support Wayne for the bench, count him as a friend and a friend of the people of Seminole County."

Luis R. Guzman, Esq.

"I had the pleasure of working with Wayne on my son's behalf and he did not mind meeting with me, addressing my concerns, giving me advice and guidance and trying to find the best solution.  He is a very fair attorney and will be a fair judge and we need that more than ever."

Senswella Mincey
Client's Mother

"With Wayne’s extensive legal knowledge and experience, I have no doubt that he would be a great judge. I believe his experience as a former prosecutor and public defender gives him the insight in ensuring our citizens safety while being fair, firm and compassionate."

David Commodario 
Retired Sergeant

"Although our family members were witnesses for the prosecution in a trial with Wayne Culver’s client as the defendant, Mr. Culver treated every witness with consideration and respect. Rather than simply seeking a ‘win’ for his client, Mr. Culver’s primary concern was a fair and just outcome to the trial."

Sherry & Dan Williams
Trial Witnesses

"Growing up in a low income community you don’t have much respect for law enforcement, attorneys or judges. Trust for them is even more scarce. However, when I found myself in Wayne Culver’s office he earned both my respect and trust. Wayne did not make false promises or insensitive threats. He clearly explained the law and legal process in a fair and accurate manner. In fact my son is in a better place because Wayne Culver as a Public Defender was professional, courteous and kind. I know Wayne will serve the citizens of Seminole county with the same attributes."

Jerrod Blackshear 
Resident Elder of the Apostolic Church of Jesus, Inc.

“I have known Wayne for years. When I was a prosecutor we had many cases against each other and he was always a zealous advocate for his clients. He will be a great judge.”

Corey Cohen, Esq. 
Past President of the Seminole County Bar Association

"I happily endorse Wayne Culver for Seminole County Judge! I’ve worked with Wayne on numerous cases and can personally attest to his legal knowledge. He has the experience and professionalism that is needed for the judiciary. He treats everyone with dignity and respect - he is everything you’d hope to see in a fair judge!"

Lanise Parker Mackhanlall, Esq.

"Wayne is a consummate professional in the courtroom. He is knowledgeable, an advocate for his clients and knows how a courtroom should be run. He would make an exemplary judge for Seminole County."

Amanda Jacobson, Esq.
Andrew Chmelir, Esq. 
Debra Ferwerda, Esq.
Attorneys at Jacobson, Chmelir, Ferwerda Law Firm